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Learn how retailers are crushing their omnichannel fulfillment goals with microservices

We are excited to showcase the Nextuple Fulfillment Studio at Shop Talk 2023. Join us to learn more about how retailers are transforming OMS fulfillment with microservices. Set up a meeting here.

Where and When

March 26-29, 2023/Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas/Nextuple Booth #1841

Expo Hours

Monday, September 27: 10 am – 6:30 pm PT

Tuesday, September 28: 10 am – 6:30 pm PT

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  • Nextuple Fulfillment Studio -  Composable microservices to build OMNI fulfillment capabilities with speed and precision
  • Promise Tuple - Four major composable microservices enable you to craft a full breadth of OMNI Fulfillment use cases using GEO or SLA-based availability strategies and optimize based on speed, cost, or custom rules.
  • Order Orchestrate Tuple - Build upon a unified order store across all sales channels, including sales, fulfillment, and returns orders, giving consumers visibility across all interactions in a scalable architecture.
  • OMNI Fulfillment Tuple - Provides features and flexibility you need for flexible store-based fulfillment: digital order queue, picking, staging operations, packing/shipping, and dispense. These services enable you to efficiently scale store fulfillment operations and meet customer expectations across all fulfillment types.

Transform OMS

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Join us – and learn more about how microservices can turbocharge your omnichannel fulfillment game.

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modernize your omnichannewl fulfillment tech landscape