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Get to know some of the people who work at Nextuple.

Nextuple< 1 min read

Anshuman Jaiswal Joins Nextuple as VP of Growth Strategy & Operations

Today, we're thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our Nextuple team, Anshuman ...
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Nextuple1 min read

Paige Hurlbut Joins Nextuple as Senior Product Manager

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Paige Hurlbut has officially joined our ...
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Nextuple1 min read

David Howe Joins Nextuple as Director of Customer Success

Today, we are excited to announce that David Howe has joined the company as our Director ...
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Khushi Shivde1 min read

Meet Khushi Shivde, Software Engineer at Nextuple

Khushi is leading the UI efforts for one of the key client projects; she effectively ...
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Somya Goel1 min read

Meet Somya Goel, Software Engineer at Nextuple

Somya is a key member of Promising Tuple and currently leads the design and development ...
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Bhaghtawar Singh Bhavra1 min read

Meet Bhaghtawar Singh Bhavra, Engineering Manager at Nextuple

Bhaghtawar currently leads the Order Orchestration track in Nextuple Fulfillment Studio ...
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Saurabh Vaidya1 min read

Meet Saurabh Vaidya, Associate Director of Delivery at Nextuple

Meet Saurabh Vaidya, Associate Director - Delivery at Nextuple. Saurabh currently leads ...
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Goutham Sekar2 min read

Meet Goutham Sekar, the young DevOps champ at Nextuple Inc

Goutham Sekar's relentless efforts and proficiency have always been counted upon. His ...
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Shilpa Kanthi2 min read

Meet Shilpa Kanthi, Manager for Product Operations at Nextuple

Shilpa is responsible for our Product Content Platform development where she hopes to ...
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