Meet Goutham Sekar, the young DevOps champ at Nextuple Inc

Goutham Sekar

Goutham Sekar's relentless efforts and proficiency have always been counted upon. His perseverance, dedication, focus, and positivity are an inspiration to all. The trust and confidence that customers have endorsed in him mark his success.

Let's get to know him!

Goutham, what do you do at Nextuple?
I have been working as part of the incredible DevOps & Cloud Team at Nextuple for about a year and a half. At Nextuple, I have been involved in building and improving the CI/CD pipelines that have helped the team to deliver products in a smooth and agile way. Since our applications are microservices-driven, it is essential to ensure high availability and scalability which led us to the migration of our products to an auto scalable environment orchestrated by Kubernetes. I helped the team in executing the migration process ensuring minimum downtime of our applications. I have also contributed to optimizing the infrastructure costs incurred without compromising on the quality/performance of our products.
I had the opportunity to build an automated platform for performance testing that can be used by any of the products to compare and visualize key metrics.

What is exciting about your work?
The prospect of learning something new on a daily basis is something that I crave for and the environment at Nextuple has certainly provided me with the necessary goods. Learning from youtube videos, books is good but then learning the art from the experts themselves is a different experience altogether at Nextuple we have a talented group of professionals who are always willing to help you out. Another important factor for me is the exchange of compliments and criticism which keeps me motivated to deliver my best.

How is Nextuple helping you shape your professional goals?
Facing challenges and overcoming them is the path to progressive development. At Nextuple, I have had the opportunity to take up interesting challenges that were completely new to me. The Weekly Learning series that covers a variety of topics and the chance to pick a challenge of your choice and work on your areas of interest through fully sponsored online courses is an added bonus. There is a strong sense of trust and integrity within the team, and it inspires me to grow as a professional.

How do you like to unwind?
Play Table tennis & watch/play Football.

What's your favorite app?
The Groww App (financial services platform)

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