Retailers Dramatically Increase Fulfillment Capacity with the Nextuple Platform

Nextuple’s Software Pools Inventory from Multiple Stores, Consolidates Shipping into Fewer Packages, Makes Any Product Available for Pickup Anywhere...


Nextuple’s Software Pools Inventory from Multiple Stores, Consolidates Shipping into Fewer Packages, Makes Any Product Available for Pickup Anywhere in that Market, Solving Retailers’ Supply Chain Challenges

Andover, Massachusetts – March 23, 2022 — Nextuple, a pioneer in transforming retail fulfillment, today announced the Nextuple Platform, which gives retailers the speed, flexibility, and efficiency they need to fulfill orders at lower costs to solve their logistical supply chain challenges. Using a retailer’s existing fulfillment network, the Nextuple Platform pools inventory from multiple stores, consolidates shipping into fewer packages, and makes any product available for pickup anywhere in that market.


Nextuple today also announced its new Metro Logistics Services, which increases local fulfillment capacity without investing in local fulfillment centers. See the announcement here.

Nextuple will be demonstrating the Nextuple Platform at Shoptalk 2022, March 27-30 in Las Vegas. Click here to set up a meeting with the Nextuple team at Booth 11071.

The surge in e-commerce is overwhelming retail supply chains and stretching aging fulfillment networks to the limit, leaving retailers struggling to increase network speed and boost flexibility while keeping costs down. Add to that online shoppers’ expectation of free two-to three-day shipping and abandoning carts to shop elsewhere if products are unavailable or if delivery times are too long.

“Consequently, retailers need a better way to increase fulfillment from stores without breaking the bank,” said Darpan Seth, Chief Executive Officer, Nextuple. “Our market-driven approach solves retailers' fulfillment capacity and availability issues while reducing fulfillment costs. It is a brand new way of increasing customer satisfaction, without investment in new fulfillment centers. The Nextuple platform pools and sources inventory from stores in a metro area and orchestrates orders across stores, resulting in all store-based inventory available for pick up or delivery anywhere in that market in 1 to 2 days.”

Nextuple’s SaaS-based technology platform solves fulfillment challenges by:

  • Connecting all stores in a given market to pool inventory (Vs. building a metro fulfillment center)
  • Making any product available anywhere in a metro market
  • Shipping more products from stores in fewer packages, reducing shipping complexity, costs, and improving sustainability
  • Maximizes throughput from retailers’ supply chain nodes, including their network of stores, fulfillment centers, and in-market hubs to relieve distribution strain
  • Provides broader availability and insight into product inventory
  • The solution is also available as on-premise software or hosted on a retailer’s private cloud
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