What's in a name?

Most everything has changed for me in the last couple of years. Some things however are still the same. For one, I have chosen to be an entrepreneur...

Nextuple Inc

Most everything has changed for me in the last couple of years. Some things however are still the same. For one, I have chosen to be an entrepreneur once again. To me this is one of the most satisfying ‘jobs’ out there. It’s really hard to write up a job description, and harder still to actually be a business person.

It’s a little bit like playing an extreme sport*. The stakes are extremely high, but the thrill can be unbeatable if you can play it right. Of course, you can end up with broken bones or worse being a paraplegic for life!

*Helmets, and protective clothing recommended!

So what’s Nextuple (Pronounced Nex-toople). What does it mean? What’s our story?
The name came about after hours and days of brainstorming. Our new baby had to have a name that is new, catchy, meaningful, relevant to our business. Of course the domain name had to be available too :)

We took inspiration from all around us –successful brands, catchy internet startups, heck even Game of Thrones for its creativity and impact. e.g. (The Winture Group – Winture is coming…you get the drift.)

Our name finally came about as two words being smushed together.

The first being n-Tuple.
noun: n-tuple; plural noun: n-tuples. An ordered set with n elements.

So think of a n-tuple as a team with N members. A team that brings together N times the initiative. N times the drive. N ideas. N … possibilities. Well …you get the idea.

Every organization needs to be a high performing team. Every team member needs to be able to bring something unique to the group be it in complementary skills or experiences. Every person on the team should excel at something and above all be excellent at working hard. And when you form N such teams – you have an organization that is willing to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Nextuple is THAT team of teams. We’re here to add value not just to ourselves but also to our partners, clients, and those around us in our lives.

The second part of our name is another mathematical symbol e ^ x (e to the power of x).
This is the most commonly encountered exponential-function where the base is the transcendental number e, which is equal to approximately 2.71828. It signifies Exponential growth or growth that increases by a constant proportion.

So when you put the two together n-tuple & ex you get n-ex–tuple or ‘Nextuple’ – a company that brings together n talented teams, to drive exponential growth and value.

As a company we are experts in the Post-purchase experience space, and we want our clients to

Experience...The difference. With Nextuple.

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