Meet Shilpa Kanthi, Manager for Product Operations at Nextuple

Shilpa Kanthi

Shilpa is responsible for our Product Content Platform development where she hopes to empower all our customers in fully leveraging all that Nextuple Fulfillment Studio has to offer.   

What do you do at Nextuple?
At Nextuple, I wear different hats doing things that I thoroughly enjoy and things that I have a lot to learn about. I have the opportunity to build an amazing team that will write content for the innovative products developed by Nextuple. I am also a part of the Product Support team and have helped in putting together the processes that are required for the smooth and seamless functioning of the day-to-day activities by the team. In addition to the above roles, I have had the opportunity to organize  a Hackathon and a biweekly Learning Series. These events help us do something different,  create strong bonds with our colleagues, and add  a fun element  to our work. We grow as we learn :)

What is exciting about your work?
There is so much going on here and so much to learn. Nextuple allows us to dabble in areas that are of interest to us. Change is the only constant in life, and every day at Nextuple brings with it something new. Adapting to these changes is easy  because we have supportive leaders. While there are a number of factors that make one happy at work, for me, the key factor is the work environment. Being with teammates who harbor the same work ethics creates an exciting journey and keeps us motivated and committed. 

How is Nextuple helping shape your career or meet your professional goals?
Nextuple has given me the opportunity to look beyond the horizon. Before joining Nextuple, I spent the better part of my career as a Technical Writer.  Our organization lays emphasis on the capabilities of each individual, and this has allowed me to spread my wings and take on new and diverse roles. Being a part of a close-knit, cohesive team with relationships that are built on mutual trust and respect has been the most gratifying experience of my career. There is a sense of being personally invested in the goals that my company is working on accomplishing. 

Fun Facts:
Favorite Drink - Cosmopolitan

Favorite Weekend Activity: 
Long bike rides with my husband to interesting places at the city outskirts.

How do you like to unwind?
Listening to the songs of the 80s while going on walks.

Three likes, one dislike? 
Rain, romantic movies, Chinese food. Dislike - Cats. Have a phobia that may seem irrational but is there all the same!

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