Sourcing Journal Coverage: Retail Tech Roundup Highlights Nextuple for Omnichannel Fulfillment



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Nextuple Technology for Omnichannel Fulfillment


Nextuple, a company that aims to help retailers create and scale omnichannel fulfillment by using a microservices architecture, said it has gone live with five undisclosed national omnichannel retailers comprising $50 billion in annual revenue and 7,000 store locations.

The national chains will use Nextuple Fulfillment Studio, a composable suite of microservices launched in October 2022.

Nextuple Fulfillment Studio is designed to allow omnichannel retailers to quickly respond to consumer demands for speed and convenience. One national retailer is providing an estimated delivery date promise on product listing pages at “sub-second performance.” Another was able to prioritize the movement of $1 million of aged inventory in a two-week period through improved sourcing rules.

Nextuple says it offers a set of domain-driven microservices across the omnichannel value chain. Offered as Nextuple Fulfillment Studio (NFS), these include Promising Engine, Sourcing Engine, Order Repository and Same-Day Delivery microservices. The entire NFS offering provides a total of 14 composable microservices across the Promise, Orchestrate and Fulfill areas.

In addition, NFS offering also includes platform components such as Omni Control Center, UI Framework and Notifications Framework. NFS is built leveraging an open-source technology stack, and is cloud native and cloud agnostic.

With NFS, Nextuple aims to disrupting the omnichannel software and services industry by providing the flexibility to own and modify the underlying source code for these microservices. This can be attractive for retailers planning to in-source omnichannel technology as part of modernization efforts. NFS is also available for traditional licensed and SaaS deployment models to help clients pace modernization based on their IT roadmap.